Nov 14, 2012

DIY Custom Dog Bowl

I LOVE my ladies!!  They are sweet, weird, and hilarious little fur balls.  I had been wanting to makeover their food and water station for a while, but I was drawing a blank as to how I would make something unique and special just for them.  Enter glass paint markers.  I decided to make matching customized food bowls using a paint marker designed for projects exactly like this!

This is a super quick and painless project that would make a perfect gift for the fur balls in your life.  The best part about this project is you only need two supplies: a glazed ceramic or porcelain bowl and a porcelain or glass paint marker.  That's it!  I used a DecoArt Glass Paint Marker (Hobby Lobby) and I would definitely recommend it.  The paint set way better than I thought possible.  It almost looks like part of the glaze.  Whatever paint marker you choose, make sure to read the directions. Proper paint application will be dishwasher safe and last longer than incorrect application. Also, pay close attention to any food safety warnings on the paint marker's packaging.  The DecoArt Glass Paint Marker is NOT FOOD SAFE.  This is fine, but important to consider.  Do not put paint that is not food safe in a location that will come into direct contact with food or dog tongues.  The outside of the bowl works fine.  

Step One: Wash bowl and dry thoroughly

Step Two: Write your pet's name and any design you want to add to your bowl.  (I really like the Art Deco Glass Paint Marker because the paint drys slowly.   I could easily wipe off mistakes with a damp paper towel.)

Step Three: Follow manufacturer's instructions for setting the paint.  This should involve baking the piece in the oven for some amount of time.  DO NOT PUT BOWL IN PREHEATED OVEN.  This will increase the chances of your bowl cracking.  Instead place the bowl in an unheated oven and then preheat the oven and the bowl together.  When the oven reaches the temperature required, start your timer and bake for the appropriate amount of time according to your paint marker's instructions.  After baking, do not remove the bowl from the hot oven.  Again, this will increase the chances of cracking your bowl.  Turn off the oven and crack the door.  Allow the bowl to slowly cool down and remove when it has cooled enough to handle with bare hands.  This could take 1+ hours.

That's it.  I was really happy with how my bowls turned out!  I'm excited to try out more projects with my paint marker!


  1. thanks for the info about the markers not being food safe! I was looking for this information for a while now, and it really helped!

  2. Hi Amy! I have ALSO been looking for information about these DecoArt markers, because I'm interested in crafting some ceramics and glassware. I read that they were DISHWASHER-safe, but I couldn't find on the website whether or not that meant these products were food-safe.

    I'm looking forward to using these for designing some nice pieces. Thank you for the blog entry, your custom doggie bowls look great! :)