Jan 6, 2013

Happy Epiphany!

A few years ago my friend Selina told me about her tradition to take down Christmas decorations on January 6th (aka Epiphany).  I loved the idea of having an official holiday to end 'the holidays.'  It seems a little depressing to be taking down decorations right after Christmas, but how long is to long to leave all the holiday cheer lingering around the house?  

Epiphany is my little (stress free!) holiday to reflect on the Christmas season that just whizzed by, and to enjoy the last time I will give my Sufjan Stevens Christmas cds a spin for a while.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and are all geared up for 2013.  Any new years resolutions?  Yeah, me neither.  Lets just give it all we got and make 2013 a year to remember!!  Hey, the world didn't end with all that Mayan calendar stuff, so it looks like we have already got a leg up on the game, right?! 

You know you want just one more Christmas song!!  Common' give it a little listen, and celebrate Epiphany in your own little end of Christmas way!

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