Jul 23, 2013

Moving On

Sometimes we grow out of things we start.  Like this blog.  I slowly began finding reasons I didn't feel that this blog fit me anymore.  With a name like Dabbling Domesticity I didn't feel like this blog could grow with me.  Why?  Well, I started finding the "domestic" label problematic for my self definition.  Here's why.

I started this blog during a tough time in my life.  Graduating college was a really rough transition for me.  I had a hard time figuring out who I was outside of school and how to live my life.  I didn't have any promising career (or any at all for that matter) opportunities, and I felt like everyday I was confused about what life after school was supposed to be like.  I had basically lost grasp of the little bit of self worth I started out with before graduation (self esteem has always been a struggle for me).  So, like a lot of people, especially young women, I clung to domestic chores as a way of self definition, and a way to occupy the time I didn't know how else to spend. Domesticity had become a distraction from the problems I didn't know how to solve.  As I have overcome a lot of the obstacles I was crippled by after my college graduation, I have come to realize that I was using domesticity as a crutch.  And that is why I've moved on from this blog to one that isn't completely wrapped up in the topic I was trying to loose myself in for 3 years.

I'll be honest, I still cook and clean, though not as obsessively as before (... um I spent an average of 3-4 hours on dinner EVERY night at the peak of my domestic preoccupation...), and I still love making things.  The new blog, Pico Picot is pretty similar to this blog in a lot of ways, but to me its a new leaf.  Pico Picot is a more positive blog for me.  One filled of my passions, and a love for all things creative! I hope that if you liked this blog that you will check it out.

Lots of Love!

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